Invoicing for freelancers – ShimbiMyBilling

Accounting Nightmares happens every billing cycle. Unless a professional accountant, these nightmares grow only scarier as the business prospers. Here is a Guest post written for Shimbi Mybilling, an online Invoicing tool at its simplest best. For a non-accounting work from home / freelance professional, things cannot get any better than this.

Social Media Engagement : Metrics that matter

With every customer turning a critic, writing reviews about products/ services at the click of a button, word about the business spreads like wildfire. Like begets like, Good reviews from customers attracts more signups for your business, while the opposite is true as well. A single bad review could send other potentials running to your

Cross Device Reporting

Marketing and Advertising are an ever-evolving realm. What works today may not be so useful tomorrow, and what works for Facebook, may be rather detrimental when used with LinkeIN. The point being, Marketing Experts (the strategists and the analysts) have to be on the constant look out for new techniques that measure their efforts, or

Are you, Your family, and Your home pet ready?

Pets make great companion. They love unconditionally, and yet don't expect much from us. Let us make their stay with us enjoyable. Take this quiz to find out if you, your home , your family are ready to welcome this lovely member into your home.

Google Analytics – Event Tracking

Once a website is up and running, the next logical step is to analyse its performance based on user engagement to determine, if the website (virtual presence) has actually resulted in conversions (Business opportunities, new clients).

Lost are we ? – 12 premium error page designs

Error pages need not be dull and boring. They can be used to reflect the website's mood as well.