Are you, Your family, and Your home pet ready?

Pets make great companion. They love unconditionally, and yet don't expect much from us. Let us make their stay with us enjoyable. Take this quiz to find out if you, your home , your family are ready to welcome this lovely member into your home.

Google Analytics – Event Tracking

Once a website is up and running, the next logical step is to analyse its performance based on user engagement to determine, if the website (virtual presence) has actually resulted in conversions (Business opportunities, new clients).

Lost are we ? – 12 premium error page designs

Error pages need not be dull and boring. They can be used to reflect the website's mood as well.

Important things to consider while hiring an interior designer

Be it Home, Office, or Home-Office, the manner in which we set up the interiors play a subtle but major role in how we conduct our activities. With a good interior designer on board, it can be a time and money saving experience.

How to improve concentration in children?

The best way to concentrate is “not” to concentrate. But then, not many adults can achieve this state of mind. Then, how right is it for us to expect our children to be in full attention & focused concentration, while it is in their temperament to be easily distracted. Each child is different, so are the

Rajasthan – The Land of the Royals – Visit to experience the Royalty

“Rajasthan”, typically means the “Land of the Kings / Kingdoms”. Given a look into the heritage of this state, one cannot but agree to this nomenclature. Being the largest state by area, (Rajasthan makes up to 10.4% of India’s total area), it is only fitting that this place has been home to several dynasties.

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