How to overcome ZohoCreator’s record count limitation?

More and more businesses are warming up to Zoho Creator, and developing apps in all sizes. These apps could be as small with only 3 forms and 5 reports, or as large with 20+ forms and 60+ reports, as the business demands. Thanks to subforms, we are able to create related lists against the parent

On Deccan Chronicle (Chennai, 8-Mar-2017)

Working from with Zoho Creator. Read to know how Deepa & Jaysree did it with some dedicated self-learning

Entrepreneur India – An invite to Contribute

I would read Entreprenuer on the stands, and make mental note of the contibutor's profile that appears as a small box at the end of each article, and feel very very jelous about them. There is something oh-so-perfect about these authors, that their write up has made to the print edition of the most acclaimed

Book Review – The First Trillionaire by Sapna Jha

Instead, would say that this makes an interesting tea-time read, or a kind of book you would want to hold on to while travelling (esp via train / bus). Takes your thoughts away from the humdrum of life, and leaves you with a satisfaction of having spent the time reading a good crime-mystery-thriller.

Book Review – The Connected Age by Sudhakar Ram

“The Connected Age” is not for light reading of any sort. Heavy use of technical terms is an outright put off to a casual reader glancing through the book on a shop window. However, this doesn’t undermine the philosophy shared by Mr.Ram in any way. His views and visions are profound, except that the vocabulary

Reviewing DareBoost: A Web Performance and Quality Testing Tool

Amit Diwan reviews DareBoost, a Web Performance and Quality Testing Tool at Homepreneur-online. In its first year of launch, they’ve provided some exceptionally awesome features for developers, testers and customers.Let us see what it actually has and what it provides to the users.