Relationship Advice : Rekindle forgotten romance, the subtle way

There comes a time in every relationship when woman start to wonder if her partner is still in love with her. Initially things are fun, romantic, and passionate, but after sometime it seems, the light that was once brightly shining starts to dim a bit. Partners take turns falling in and out of love with

Advisory Tips – on Inflation and Unemployment

As per economic research, unemployment makes people unhappy. So does inflation! But here‟s the part the economists are paid for: evidence that unemployment makes people more miserable than inflation. About four times as miserable! It is easy to treat the two measures as equivalent. The economist Arthur Okun coined the term “misery index” in the

Stage-managing Social Media – position yourself strategically

Social Media Strategy could be defined as the act of planning tactic measures to optimize brand outreach using social media. Marketing is all about strategy, and Social media strategy is not all that different. A strategically placed product, a casual comment about your idea could do marketing wonders compared to prime-slot advts and billboards.

Please wait at the Reception

Reception Area - it makes the person more receptive to what we have to say. Website could do the same for your business.With every business making its way into Google, there is no escaping the question “Do I really need a website”…. It is only a matter of time before you eventually decide to have

Zoho Creator Tutorial : How to set up transparent form (embedded via iframe) on my website

Time and again we have come to face with the situation, where we want to embed Zoho Creator forms on our website, but the end-result is a patchy looking form-space, especially when you have a custom background with image/gradient.This tutorial will tell you how to resolve this issue.

Do I need a Website?

What business card is to networking meet, is exactly what website is to getting noticed by potential customers on google. When was the last time you picked up “Yellowpages” to locate a business? .. can’t remember…eh ..? When was the last time you googled for a business or service provider?. .. few minutes ago perhaps? See what I mean