Tips to Set-Up Your Office at Home
Home-based jobs are booming in India, and where most of employers were requiring to do a series of office hours now, in more...
Homepreneur, is an entrepreneur working from home. I work from home, & I personally m...

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My Tamizh Blog
I have started a My Tamil blog exclusively for Tamil postsso the existing tamil posts will be reposted in the new My Tamil Blog along with the commentsHope all of you will like it The Existing tamil posts are reposted along with the more...
Close To My Heart
Close To My Heart by Priya

You dart at every chime,
You dismay at the empty porch,
You pen your pensive moments..and,more...
பங்களூர்- லால்பாக் மலர் கண்காட்சி…..பகுதி 2
லால்பாக் மலர் காண்காட்சியில் க்ளிக்கிய மலர்களின் முதல் தொகுப்பை பார்த்தீங்க இல்லையா.. இப்போ more...
Blogging in Indian Languages
There are many Indian- bloggers out there who would like to blog in their regional language as well.. in addition to blogging in english.. but lack of proper guidelines to acomplish this a real pain and many quit even before they start.This is my attempt at more...

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Homeprenuer, is an Entrepreneur working from home.
Working from home & make a living out of it is a realizable dream -

But, Many wake up with the idea of "I want to work from home" but have no idea about "where to start". Such gullible minds fall easy prey to scammers and con-sites who coax them in "buying" a package / kit with a promise of work... but .. then.. never really get back.. except that... the person has been cheated of his money.

At: homeprenuers new and veteran discuss such issues in a more interactive way.

We belive Evey little bit of information matters , and it holds greatest of values to THE person who would be looking for it, or, who would benifit from the same.

Come, Join hands
Read, Share
Know & Learn
-- A fellow Homeprenuer --

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