Zoho Creator Tutoral Series – Coming Up

I hope you remember my earlier post 5 months back, Zoho Creator :- Only intuition, no programming. (You couldn’t have missed it, coz I didn’t really post anything after that). As promised, I am here again with the intention having a zoho creator series for all those who are not afraid to try.

Not all are programming experts and not every one can say the difference between relative fields and relational databases I get confused more than i am credited for .. thats the way it is . So, this is for the common man, who can read write and understand English. You see.. Zoho creator is in english & I am blogging about it in english…Oh!.. btw, they have a Japanese version of the sitetoo.. but "iie – arigato gozaimus" .. I don't speak anymore than this in Japanese.

The idea is to walk you through the process of building an application using zoho creator from scratch.

Walk with me.. let me know if I can be of assistance.

Zoho Creator – What is that ?

Before I answer this question, tell me how extensively do u use MS Excel?. The reason I ask is, a layman's concept with zoho creator is somewhat based on based on this. Hmm.. lets see… the rows and columns reduce half the work load. The auto filter in excel allows you to sort / organise your data. Perhaps you are even familiar with using formulas ( basic math – to – advanced formulas). Lets say we have an excel sheet like this & call it Guestbook.

Date Name Email BlogUrl Comments

But, if you want to gather data using excel, then you would have mail it as an attachment ,OR share it as excel sheet with other users using some file sharing platform. This will work great, if you know who is going to use them. Plus, you have to be sure that the people who are using this excel are within your network and trustworthy… That is to say, the "data is private among trusted users " & "there is no way to gather data outside this small network of friends"…

So, ….Are you with me so far ????..

Now, think about this. You have a Form & this form reflect the "structure" of the YOUR excel sheet.

This has all the elements that you want the user to add. Yet, none of them can see the actual data. Now, this is your "web form" that you have customised to suit your needs. So what happens next, You can either embed this form within your website As Shown above , or share the permalinks of the form via email. (There is more to sharing.. .lessons follow…)

What zoho creator does is to "allow you to create forms" using their WYSIWYG editor. (.. lessons follow..) And, this also allows you to view / edit the data collected via these forms at Zoho Creator. ( .. lessons follow…)

In short – Zoho creator allows you to build custom database application using WYSIWYG editor.But, inorder to start, you need to Signup with Zoho Creator. So go ahead, Register yourself and get a login, You may also signin wiht your Google Account.

Thats pretty much for the introduction,
See you soon with your login at zoho creator.
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