Zoho Creator Tutorial – Part 4 ( premade Form Fields , Zoho Creator does the validation for you)

What is Zoho Creator | The Basics| Design & Share Custom Forms |Using prevalidated Form Fields |

If you had been following this tutorial closely, you should be able to perform the following based on last week's post,

  1. Create a new form
  2. You should be able to design your form.
  3. Add fields that are relevant to you.
  4. Rename the fields for display and scripting
  5. Embed the form within the blog website ( Hint : -Form's Live mode - More ction – Embed in website – Access without login – Get code – paste in your blog )

I guess you would also remember me telling that Zoho Creator has provided with ready to use fields based on their data types.

Field types Can be used for They are all so self explanatory, I am just listing them here.
Single line Names , one liners up to around 300 characters.
Multiline As the name suggests, can be used to get "paragraph" type info from your readers / clients.
Email Eveything is automatically validated. Incorrect entries will not be accepted by the system. Take it from me, this kind of validation used to be a grind, but not


123 Number
0.1 Decimal
% Percent
$ Currency Set the currency type ( USD / INR / YEN.. etc. Pick the one that suits you)
Drop Down Here you can give a custom set of values of your choice.
Radio / Option buttons You can provide any number of options, but only one will be selectable by the user
Eg: Male / Female
Check box This comes handy when you have multiple options & the use also need to select more than one from what you have provided
EG : A Person can like Red , Blue & Green
Multi Select This is more like a list box, from where the person can click and select
You can choose to display the list sorted out in alphabetical order
Date – Time Gives you a timestap along with the date
Look up ( also called as Pick List) This allows you to call data from one form into another form. (We will be dealing with this shortly.)
Formula This computes values for you based on the values on other fields.
Eg: Formula will do MathScore + ScienceScore , where in MathScore & ScienceScore are numeric fields .
All you have to do is give the fieldnames & + operator Advaced computations are made easy by the formula fields
Image You can actually collect images without the fear of overloading your inbox. You can as for the URL / Alternate Text / Source etc all using the zoho creator form.

Plus you also know who submitted what and when .. if you would add the date & Name field to such a form

File Upload This can be used to gather any file type. Automatically gives the browse button so that reader can upload from their system.
Add Notes Use this as sticky notes, something that you want your viewers to know. ( notice the welcome text in the form below)
Decision Box This can have only one answer YES / NO Most commonly used as disclaimers.

I have modified the guest book forms and placed the code here. You might notice that some fields have a * attached to them. This means these are mandatory or compulsory fields. If you try to submit the form using blank data for these fields, then the submission will be not processed. This is catch those wary visitors who are not attentive enough

How to Set up compulsory fields

  1. As soon as you place a field by click and Drag ( or) Edit a certain field
  2. Click on Options
  3. Notice the check box that says "This is a required field" - Click it
    The field becomes compulsory.

Similarly you can set up if you want to have a Hidden field / Disallow duplicate enties. I have embedded my guest book form above. Feel free to come up with your own version of your guest book & give me your link. I shall surely drop by and will be glad to see your progress Your appreciation is my motivation

What is Zoho Creator | The Basics| Design & Share Custom Forms |Using prevalidated Form Fields |

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