Homepreneur during holidays: Meet Divya Aswani – School teacher cum glass painting artist.

That is the fun about being able to work from home. We actually get to choose when and what to work on. It so appears that Divya Diverre from Kolkata has put good use of the philosophy of homepreneurship.

Divya is a teacher by profession who dabbles with paints and glass. One look at her Facebook page, I am awed at her artwork. She says, being a school teacher has its advantages. She gets to enjoy a month of summer vacation completely off work. Such a long vacation would make most of us lazy and lethargic, but, not this teacher. She has taught herself glass painting and other art work. Now, her hobby fetches money. She does customised paintings on tissue holders, vases, clocks etc. Read along how this homepreneur-by-summer-holidays made it this far.

Hi Divya, happy to have you here. Please tell us about yourself.

Hi..I am Divya..Basically I'm a teacher and I teach at The Heritage School, Kolkata. I teach at a the primary level..children who are 3 yrs old and believe you me its not an esay job!! They are so innocent and fragile and its not only fun teaching them but a great responsibility..because they are going to be our future.I love being a guide and friend to them.

Since my working hours are good..I am back home in the afternoon. So I get to do make paintings and products..all on stained glass..lots of colour and happiness :):) I enjoy my Stained glass work.

So, you are a painter by hobby. What kind of paintings do you do? The kind of canvas you specialise in?

Stained glass paintings and products..Like Nameplates, Photo frames, Clocks, Vases, Ganesh and Shubh labh Hangings and even with wooden fittings..I make trays, pen/tissue/letter holders and many more!!!

Wow, that is a huge variety of canvas to showcase your painting skills. In addition to being a school teacher by the academic year, you dabble with paint as well. Since how long have you been selling your work from home?

I started working during Diwali 2012- where I put Ganesh and Shubh-Labh hangings at an exhibition..Which, in turn gave me lot of encouragement and I knew I was on the correct path 🙂

Uoo hoo.. atta girl!.. This nudges me to ask you about your moment of revelation. Do you recall THE moment when the idea of working from home hit you? Or, is that you were ruminating on the idea, and one fine morning it was all just right to start?

The summer holidays..!

Being a teacher I get the luxury of a month's holiday. So I realised..Since I'm independent on my feet...let me learn how to do glass painting...never thought i will be so encouraged by my parents and family members to take it further..And start venturing more into glass paintings and today I sell my products from home and through the net...
Support from your family and the determination is the success of a Homepreneur 🙂

That seems to have been a rewarding summer vacation for you. Once you realised that you have mastered the art of glass painting, how long did it take to set-up shop? I mean, foray into the market and sell your wares

It took me around 4 months to understand the needs of my customers and get all my work set up!

My friends, my neighbours, my family, all have a great social life. So all I did was show my work to them...let my work do the talking, which impressed them and that's how it all started. When people saw my products at their friends house they approached me in no time 🙂

As the ABBA’s Money-song goes Money Money Money, Always Sunny in a rich man’s world. We all need money. So, tell us about your first paycheck. this will help aspiring homeprenuers to have a reasonable benchmark to start with, rather than fall for false promises that assure huge returns.

My first payment came from the sale at an exhibition. Though I had not many products..working all by yourself makes it difficult to achieve too many orders. But it felt great holding your hard work and effort..from what I have known and understood money..rs 7000 is not a small amount and I felt very proud and ecstatic having a good start!

That’s absolutely great. So what is/was your best client experience?

My best client has been one of my relatives...she puts up a stall at an exhibition every time during Diwali...having diyas... and it was her suggestion of me making some wall hangings which will go during Diwali. It is then, when I thought of making Ganesh and Shubh Labh Hangings...

And the worst client?

The worst hasn't come so far, thankfully!! But I had this lady who had picked a lot of stuff from me. And since it was my beginning I gave her a good discount and things were fine. 🙂

But she called up recently and asked me if I had any item of Rs 10-12!!!
Its very hurtful to hear such a thing...what exactly do you get at that amount??? And, it is not just that..she has seen my work..and she knows I work hard. I think sometimes people just forget to look at quality. But I got over that conversation with her..lol...that is the extreme experience I have had 🙂

Since then, how has been the journey like, till now? Expectations and lessons learnt

I would say it is going fine.
Lesson learnt is give in all u have..!!
Give in your best 🙂

How do you maintain focus and deliver work on time? Who would you say has a tremendous impact on your homepreneurship efforts? Our readers would certainly want to hear from someone who has made working from home a realisable dream (and not some far fetched idea)

Working hard on weekends, and, evenings during the weekdays made it all possible to finish my work on time. As you get used to your work, your pace increases and you are able to do your best part! My support network as I have said before is foremost my family! Then my friends, relatives, my colleagues at school, and probably everyone to come to think of!! They all see my work recognise my talent and encourage me all the time!

But if I have to take one name then it would be my mother. She is my friend my guide my strength and my support. Her constant positivity, belief in me, has made me come so far in life. I am here writing this because she has been there all the time, helping me in every way she can, and giving me lot of space and time to work!!! even when, I haveve been unable to help her with the household chores!

Nothing like a mother's love and care 🙂

True, Nothing can replace a mother's care and prayers.

Homepreneurs have to severely self-motivated irrespective of success or failure of a project. You seem to have crossed this bridge already. So, what would be your advice to aspiring homepreneurs? Would you be willing to share your knowledge if our readers were to approach you?

I think, read a lot of books on self improvement, on entrepreneurship, search the internet and you will be surprised all the information you will get!

Yes sure, I would love to talk and share my thought with your readers 🙂

Such simple, yet totally helpful for those who are persistent in their homepreneurial dream. So, what is your next milestone, or rather, Where do you see yourself in the next 5 yrs ?

I see myself doing a lot more, and reaching out to people all over the world 🙂

We learn everyday of our lives, and I take that, and i believe sky is the limit...Work hard and you will reach the top!!

Doing glass interiors of people's houses and able to take my work far and wide is what I am aspiring to achieve 🙂

Thank you Divya, It was great having you with us today. 90% of the queries I receive start with the notion that anyone with a computer and internet connection can work from home. I have gone hoarse screaming that, this is just one aspect of homeprenuership. Please look into yourself and find your talent-spot.

Divya, even though you use the internet to procure clients/orders, your WORK is literraly Hands-On. This goes to prove one just need to look a wee bit closer and stay on the path a wee bit longer.


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