Income Tax for Freelancers – 6. PAY INCOME TAX (Online)


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6. Pay Income Tax Online

If the tax-liability (in other words, the amount of tax that need to be paid) is more than ₹ 10,000/-, then the individual is expected to pay this amount in advance before 31-March (of the assessment year) If the tax liability is less than ₹ 10,000/- ,  the assessee is  liable to pay this amount as Self-Assessment Tax before Filing Income Tax Return (on or before 31 July)

Laptop-SmileyOur Income Tax Department has put forth clean and simple how-to on payment of Income Tax, E-Payment Procedure by Income Tax Department, Govt of India.


From the overview of things, this looks pretty simple and easy to do. But, as with most govt sites, we never know until we try  it out. But then, we can’t really “try out” on Govt. sites.. isn’t it? So, the next best sensible thing to do, was to ask the experts. Taxmantra came forward with the response, and it is most certainly encouraging. Read on !


So, did you (your associates) use the information in this link to pay taxes online?How was the experience ? Any glitches ?
Do you recommend this to a first time tax payee?
(if no, what other alternatives do you recommend?) Says -


This system of online payment of Income Taxes is not new and now has established itself as most preferred way of paying taxes online. Infact, there is no other option to remit taxes, if you wish to make payment online. Either, you can directly log on to this page to pay, or if try out from your bank's online banking, it would take you to this page itself. 

This system has improved a lot and does not have much hitches.

Anyone can make use of this to make payment, the only thing to be noted here is that, there are some taxation terms, which needs to be kept in mind. Like, AY, Nature of payment. We have noticed at times, users make mistake in choosing right terms.

Just so that you are able to get an idea, here is an example calculation


Table of Contents


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