Homepreneur, is an entrepreneur working from home.
I work from home, & I personally manage this "
So guess that makes me a homepreneur.

I am Deepa Govind, from Banglaore, India (GMT+5.30)I did my Masters in Fisheries and Aquatic biology from MSUniversity of Baroda (Vadodara) & was initiated to "Computer Education", after my college. Since then so much has happened by way of self-learning for me.

One thing led to another, and I started out to blog, to spend my time, rather than watching soap operas on the telly.This was during early 2007. After a couple of years of avid blogging, I was approached to provide / craft content for a certain 'client' (company blog, actually), and offered to remunerate for my services. This was officially the start of my work from home venture.

One thing led to another, I was taking in any project that came my way. Got some really nice people as clients, team members and associates. I also had my share of lost projects, burnt my fingers with clients who don't show up when invoice is raised, et al. But then again, taught me so many things. I am happy for the mistakes that I did. If not for them, I wouldn't be here.

So, what kind if work do I do? How can I assist you after all ?

Blog content :

I still love to blog. I was able to establish 4 niche blogs during my 'idle time'. Now, you see all of that under a single url, here at https://homepreneur-online.com/. Most of them being thoughts flying off my head. You can also find the content I was paid to write under the Editorials Section. These were researched, and specifically drafted to suit the need.


You might have already guessed by now that this site runs on WordPress...and you are right about it.

There was a time, when I used to look for WordPress Experts to make changes to this site. Some as minor as changing the color scheme to a more complex function-based-change. I was indeed fortunate to have worked with some of the best WordPress experts too. I reached a stage where "I-Want-This-Changed-Yesterday". Now, this is not a healthy partnership to have with your WordPress expert. I had to understand the problems from a WP expert's point of of view.That is where my WordPress Education started.

I jumped into WordPress learning, and poured over the WP-Codex and tons and tons of learning material, thanks to Google.. Surprisingly I kinda got a hang of how WP functions, and slowly graduated from making basic changes (eg:Custom colors) to developing custom child themes, writing custom functions etc etc.. Being one's own developer has its advantages. The time taken to review the changes and decision to keep / discard / modify these changes is reduced considerably.

What started off as a learning-for-personal-gain has now evolved into skill that I can use to help other business owners who must devote more time to their core business, while I take care of their wordpress site set up, installation, theme selection, theme customization etc. These things arguably take a lot of time, which could otherwise be invested in developing your core business.

So, allow me to handle your wordpress issues. You are best at the business that you do. Let WP doesnot take away your time you have to devote to your work.


Zoho Creator

I have been developing custom applications in Zoho Creator since April 2008. Started off with an application that helped to coordinate - keep track of things I did for my client. This proved to be very effective, and I was actually spending my time, working, rather to to 'manage what has been done so far'. That way, Zoho Creator is a great platform to build a database tailor made to suit one's needs. It also allows us process these data with auto-custom emails, without spamming the recipients.

Please view My Portfolio to see the complied information on work done this far with Zoho Creator.

Feel free to Contact Me, and let me know how I can be of assistance.