Jessie D Souza

Jessie is an Online Business Manager and the owner of Vibrant Ace Virtual Assistance. She provides Online Business Manager services to Life coaches, Career Coaches, Business Coaches, Women Entrepreneurs, Authors and Speakers. She’s passionate about Social Media and creates new ideas and innovative strategies to help her clients increase their online presence and build relationships with their target audience. She loves researching for new tools and applications to simplify her client’s requirements and needs. Jessie is born and raised in Southern India and holds a Masters of Arts degree in Economics and has 10 years of Administrative Assistant experience

Posts by Jessie D Souza:

5 Key Strategies To Create Productive Team

The key element to a successful organization is having a productive work team. When every member of the team contributes optimally to their assigned tasks, the results exceed expectations. The question that every organization faces is how to create the most productive team that fetches them excellent output and which promotes organization growth. The answer