N Suma

Suma, is an MBA graduate with extensive experience in handling HR & Operations. She quit her corporate lifestyle to be able spend more time with her 2.5 yr old child. Her interest in cooking is bet used when she tries out new nutritious delicacies for her little one.

Posts by N Suma:

How to improve concentration in children?

The best way to concentrate is “not” to concentrate. But then, not many adults can achieve this state of mind. Then, how right is it for us to expect our children to be in full attention & focused concentration, while it is in their temperament to be easily distracted. Each child is different, so are the

Rajasthan – The Land of the Royals – Visit to experience the Royalty

“Rajasthan”, typically means the “Land of the Kings / Kingdoms”. Given a look into the heritage of this state, one cannot but agree to this nomenclature. Being the largest state by area, (Rajasthan makes up to 10.4% of India’s total area), it is only fitting that this place has been home to several dynasties.

4 Quick Breakfast Recipes Cooked in Flat 10 minutes

The funny thing about breakfast is, ALL of us (yes, each and every one of us) KNOW that, BREAKFAST IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY. Yet, we are never short of reasons to skip out on breakfast and, the reason that most of us chime is– “I do not have time for (making /