Pooja is a veteran (13+yrs) in the HR domain. She is a postgraduate in Mass communication and has been awarded "star performer" in her corporate days. She carries the wealth of her corporate experience as a freelance HR consultant. She is disciplined, approachable and adaptable to the needs of her client. Being a self-motivator and a challenge-seeker, she is a sought after freelance HR consultant.

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8 Home Remedies to Combat Dark Circles

Dark circles around the eyes are a common problem not only amongst professionals working late night but even with stressed housewives. Hereditary factors, troubled sleep, illness, anxiety and nutritional deficiencies can also be the cause. However, it is not something one needs to be stuck with. Try these effective and simple natural home remedies to get

What to do with your First Salary?

Receiving the first pay cheque is a defining moment, a mark of independence, a sense of self-made-well-earned-pride. When you have no pressing need spend it is only sensible to save some & invest the rest. Let the money grow. Investing with the intent to reap benefits is a skill and an art. This requires careful

Relationship Advice : Rekindle forgotten romance, the subtle way

There comes a time in every relationship when woman start to wonder if her partner is still in love with her. Initially things are fun, romantic, and passionate, but after sometime it seems, the light that was once brightly shining starts to dim a bit. Partners take turns falling in and out of love with

Advisory Tips – on Inflation and Unemployment

As per economic research, unemployment makes people unhappy. So does inflation! But here‟s the part the economists are paid for: evidence that unemployment makes people more miserable than inflation. About four times as miserable! It is easy to treat the two measures as equivalent. The economist Arthur Okun coined the term “misery index” in the