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Hi, I am a Computer Science Engineer and worked with IT industry for past 5 years, currently a stay-at-home-mom to my two year old son. I believe motherhood gives you a big learning experience. I feel like I am growing everyday with new understandings and experiences with my little one. Right now I am on the path to re-discover new horizons for myself.

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Forts of Konkan …. A date with History

The forts in Konkan region have a vast history. The 350 odd forts in Maharashtra were constructed since the time of some of its early ruling dynasties like the Satvahanas, the Rashtrakutas, the Chalukyas, the Marathas, etc. They were a primary defence mechanism against enemy invasions

Travel and Kids? Yes, you can !!!

The major areas of focus will be kid’s baggage, food and first aid kit. Children dressed comfortably for the weather are happier in a new environment. So it’s essential to carry sufficient clothes, good supply of disposable nappies and wipes, etc. Carrying extra snacks and first aid kit is also important.

Women & Social Media

Women are specially seen making use of social media to start/expand the businesses. Be it a start-up business or an established one, women are seen advertising, blogging, etc. about it on the web.“Woman mark her clients after observing a potential’s social media chatter. From here on, she would make attempts to small talk into the