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How to overcome ZohoCreator’s record count limitation?

More and more businesses are warming up to Zoho Creator, and developing apps in all sizes. These apps could be as small with only 3 forms and 5 reports, or as large with 20+ forms and 60+ reports, as the business demands. Thanks to subforms, we are able to create related lists against the parent

Zoho Creator Tutorial : How to set up transparent form (embedded via iframe) on my website

Time and again we have come to face with the situation, where we want to embed Zoho Creator forms on our website, but the end-result is a patchy looking form-space, especially when you have a custom background with image/gradient.This tutorial will tell you how to resolve this issue.

User Request : Doing a Self-Lookup, that references record from the same form

Zoho creator does not allow to use lookup field to reference data in the same form. As a workaround, we can use the drop down list and add distinct values at run-time

Zoho Creator User Request: Different Send Mail scripts based on user Entry

How to send an email to a specific person if when the form field "company" contains the company that this particular person works for. If a different company then just the regular email would go out.

Zoho Creator User Request: Filter list values, based on user selection @ web form

Allow restricted presentation of choices to the end user using Zoho Creator Forms.

Zoho Creator Tutorial – Remove Special Characters from String (Validation)

What is Zoho Creator | The Basics| Design & Share Custom Forms |Using prevalidated Form Fields | Statless Forms | Unique values in List | HTML views | We all know that Telephone / Zip codes are NUMBERS isnt it (Genius eh!). But, when we typically use the Number-field type in the Zoho form, the