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On Deccan Chronicle (Chennai, 8-Mar-2017)

Working from with Zoho Creator. Read to know how Deepa & Jaysree did it with some dedicated self-learning

Entrepreneur India – An invite to Contribute

I would read Entreprenuer on the stands, and make mental note of the contibutor's profile that appears as a small box at the end of each article, and feel very very jelous about them. There is something oh-so-perfect about these authors, that their write up has made to the print edition of the most acclaimed

Featured at WomenSpiringWednesdays, a Back to Front initaive

It was a pleasant surprise to receive a message on Facebook from Anjali Gulati of the Back to Front initiative. We women are capable of drawing inspiration from vacuum.. yet there comes a time when we too would love some attention and spotlight. It not only keeps the flame glowing, but also lights up other

Print Media Takes Notice : Interview of Work From Home Professionals

Talk Mag has featured an article about work from home professional. Myself (Deepa Govind) along with Jessie, Kavya and Bala Kumar have participated and shared our insights into this facet of running a VA business. virtual Assistance is for all those who put their mind to it, and are not afraid to invest heavily on

Perfumery at home: Meet Sheetal Wathodkar – Perfumer amongst homepreneurs

On some days, the air just smells right, even before we get out of bed. By chance or by divine providence, we breeze thru the day. Certain smells have the ability to lift up our mood. Could be a freshly brewed coffee for some, or could be smell of freshly cut grass for someone else.

MBA graduate who chose to be a homepreneur: Meet Priya Agarwal – Jewellery designer & craftswoman

Coming from a remote town call KUMARDHUBI (DHANBAD dist, Jharkhand state), the MBA in Priya Agarwal willingly choose to pursue her creative spark, rather than to follow a corporate path... and launched her first homepreneurial venture on 2 Feb 2011, via face book page Stop n Stare. With no other capital investment, other than a