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Do I need a Website?

What business card is to networking meet, is exactly what website is to getting noticed by potential customers on google. When was the last time you picked up “Yellowpages” to locate a business? .. can’t remember…eh ..? When was the last time you googled for a business or service provider?. .. few minutes ago perhaps? See what I mean

Women & Social Media

Women are specially seen making use of social media to start/expand the businesses. Be it a start-up business or an established one, women are seen advertising, blogging, etc. about it on the web.“Woman mark her clients after observing a potential’s social media chatter. From here on, she would make attempts to small talk into the

Attn: Site Updates in progress

Dear Readers, Homepreneur-online has been undergoing some site updates (Version and other background stuff) in the last few days. How-much-ever we try, lapses happen. So, in case you are receiving duplicate / multiple feedburner mails, I apologize for the inconvenience. Please bear with me. Please do let me know the "odd behavior", so that I

Homepreneur Success Tip: Invest Time, Manage Money

The biggest lure for wannabe virtual assistants/freelancers is the possibility of being able to work form home, and, generating an income out of it.Every VA aspirant should invest a huge chunk of their time to know the terrain, and how this part of the industry functions.

Homepreneur @ 70+ : Meet Sri.Ramana Prasad – Translator, Editor, Writer

Howzzat for those of us (so called youngsters) who feel burnt out by the time we touch 40's … Sri.Ramana Prasad has had a fulfilling career as lecturer of History and Politics @ The Thiagarajar College, Madurai; Senior Teacher in History in reputed Hr.Sec.Schools in Madurai and Kodaikanal and retired as Principal, CSR Mat.School, Tirunagar,

vWorker makes changes to its Bid-alert mail

Kudos !!! vWorker, truly appreciate your commitment towards your users Following this post on 23-Feb-2012, Ian Ippolito, CEO of Vworker posted a response here. Less than a week after the post, vWorker has made changes to its Bid alert mail text. Truly goes to show how committed vWorker is towards its users. Mail Text on