Entrepreneur India – An invite to Contribute

EntrepreneurDeepaAn invitation of a lifetime.

I would read Entreprenuer on the stands, and make mental note of the contibutor's profile that appears as a small box at the end of each article, and feel very very jelous about them. There is something oh-so-perfect about these authors, that their write up has made to the print edition of the most acclaimed Entrepreneur Magazine.

And the, I sigh !!!

But, last week, I was in for a surprise.

Thanks for Team Zoho, They had an invitation for me, on behalf of Entreprenuer.com, and I just grabbed it on all fours. For those who know me, this is indeed a rewind. But. for those who don't, hope to kindle your sleeping spark, so that you too can find your mark on the things that you, and only you do best.

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