Resume Revolution: Exploring VisualCV

Curriculum vitae (CV): A short account of one’s career and qualifications prepared typically by an applicant for a position. (Merriam-Webster Online)
A Curriculum Vitae ,
CV, or Resume is most definitely the job-seeker’s gate pass to establish contact within a company

With the internet gaining importance in all facets of life, paper resumes evolved into Word documents. Companies began to accept resume submissions via email, provided they were submitted in Word format.

This allowed the candidates to follow up on their interview status and other verification queries without having to rely on the mail-man ,postal delays, or make multiple trips to the company, especially if the company and the candidates are not located in the same place.

But this came with its own set of problems. The once welcome Word attachment was now beginning to clutter HR’s mail box. The candidates would send a copy of their “fresh resume” (read: most recently updated) every now and then, adding to the clutter.

In addition, the job-sseker was apprehensive about the content of his resume, which was now in an editable format. More enterprising minds switched to Pdf format using, yet this did not solve the problem of cluttering and having multiple versions of the same document.

As the internet began to evolve, the web-applications were also put on a path of developmental evolution. These evolutionary changes were driven by needs of internet users, growing in mammoth proportions. Keeping this in mind, VisualCV.Inc has reinvented the resume format to suit the World Wide Web.

eting. When job hunting was done the old fashioned way, ( before internet), emphasis was placed on the paper resume. The resume was usually handwritten and re-written several times until one became satisfied with the content and the presentation. Finally, when all was in place, it was written once again in a more neat and professional manner so that it is now ready to be submitted to various companies. Those who were a bit more affluent , would give their final drafts to “data entry people” to get it typed or printed out so as to give a professional / official look.

Unlike other jobs , a typical virtual assistance project does not have any face-to-face interaction between the client and the VA, unless they choose to have a video conference. Up until then, the interaction is mostly via email, and chat messages in Yahoo, Skype or gTalk.

But with Visual CV.Inc’s online resume format, I strongly recommend all existing and aspiring Virtual Assistants to consider having their CVs here instead of Word or pdf documents.

  1. No more multiple version of the same document
    • Reduces clutter and confusion on your side
  2. No more annoying mail attachments
    • Reduces the risk of having your attachment getting buried under hoards of other resumes in the HR inbox
  3. Makes your CV truly stand out
    • A carefully drafted covering letter and a link to your visual CV will make your resume truly stand out , and project a professional attitude.
  4. Visual CV allows you to have “Public Resume” & “Private Resume”
    • As the name suggests, for general information
    • And for confidential informaton.
  5. Allows three levels of privacy settings
    • Internet – Anyone with internet can view your resume
    • Members – Only Visual CV members can view
    • Private – You can keep this private until its ready to share. (So no pressure to “complete” the resume in one go)
  6. File upload
    • This means, if you need to elaborate on your role in a certain project, you can have a well prepared document and link it with the appropriate text in main resume. This was definitely not possible to incorporate in paper resume and pdf attachments
    • Graphic artists can upload thier flash, gif files of their work and showcase it.
  7. Allows Audio and video uploads
    • Introduce yourself to your client before a formal interview.
    • Make the best use of this, and come up with interactive ideas to make your resume worth remembering.
  8. Intuitive Design interface
    • This is the best part, the complete resume-design interface follows the KISS – principle ( Keep It Simple Stupid!)
    • Add only relevant tabs , e.g. skills, work history, portfolio. There is no gaping void if you don’t have a certain tab
    • If your choice of tab is not provided, use the custom tab
    • Drag and drop tab-section where ever you think fits best with the overall look of the resume
  9. Share and Keep track
    • Initiate the sharing ofCV with listed members and companies within Visual CV using Industry specific search
    • Custom dashboard allows you to keep track of the share invitations sent by you and the track backs.
    • As you are initiating a share, more spammers are kept at bay.
  10. Promote yourself
    • Get your custom VisualCV button and use it as part of your signature , or in your blog/website.
    • Use this button at LinkedIN, Facebook and other social networking sites

This is indeed the most recommended resume format for aspiring Service Providers rather than shared google docs, or email attachments.

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