Recognition from Zoho Creator Team – Thank you!

Let me thank my stars! Things cannot get any better than this.

Following oDesk's provider spotlight, Zoho Creator has extended their regards and best wishes. Here is a short transcript of my interview with the zoho creator team.

Why did you choose to use Zoho Creator?

The drag and drop interface at form-design and at Deluge script won me hands-down. Additionally, the logic command blocks at Deluge Script , along with the help documents were very helpful in the initial stages. I sort of kicked-the-tires by developing some applications for personal use. ....

How do you pitch Zoho Creator to your customers? Has it been an easy sell?

In fact, I didn’t have to pitch it at all. Zoho Creator already did it for me! Anyone who has spent at least 30 minutes with Zoho Creator forms & the basic 'Send Mail ' script will be able to comprehend what this could do to their business. So I was fortunate to have well informed clients who had tested Zoho Creator hands on. It has been my observation that, out of every 10 casual signups, at least 8 are willing to harness the developer pool for a decent remuneration. That's 80% conversion rate, guys!

For Full transcript - See here

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