Zoho Creator User Request: Filter list values, based on user selection @ web form

ZohoCreatorAnurag has requested the following

I need a form to fetch filter data from spreadsheet
as per web user options
entered in that form embedded in website.
That's if he chooses sex: female, experience: 2 years,
then he should get names of those person accordingly from Google/zoho spreadsheet/view.
I have no technical experience, so kindly show by giving simple example.


This is very similar to Unique list values, dynamic pick lists & dependent list values.

However, here is a working demo for the regular people (read:non-geeky people)

The SELECT CANDIDATES form shows the list of candidates based on Experience & Sex prefrence of the user, at the form.

Logic :

  1. CANDIDATES FORM (associated data: CANDIDATE VIEW)
    1. Collects details for new candidates
    2. The data collected using this form, is used to filter and display the records
    3. Data can be added directly added (Bulk upload) to the view , via, Import Data option
      1. We will use this form, to selectively display the candidate names
      2. This can be a regular / stateless form

Study the code at : SELECT CANDIDATE FORM

  1. Male / Female preference is set by default, to avoid null error.
  2. Experience list > Hardcoded to the form
    • Coz, the candidates form uses multiselect list
    • If your parent form uses a single line / single select list, you can pupulate this link dynamically too.
  3. Experience > User input > populates candidates list
  4. Candidates > user Input > dynamically writes and displays the skills of chosen candidate.

Hope this answers your query,
Please feel to let me know if anything is amiss.

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