Zoho Creator User Request: Different Send Mail scripts based on user Entry

ZohoCreatorCymantha has requested:

I would like to send an email to a specific person
if when the form field "company" contains the company
that this particular person works for.
If a different company then just the regular email would go out.

Response :

Working demo here.

So, here is how this works.

  1. Default Form : Partner Registration.
  2. Default Send Mail Script :
    1. This is something that you want to send out irrespective of "Company Name".
    2. That includes a Mail subject & Mail message body that's relevant.
    3. Special Send Mail Script
      1. Identify the company and email to which you wish to execute this action.
      2. Eg: If the "company Name" is MICROSOFT, then a mail to mike@microsoft.com
      3. Have the Mail Subject and Mail Message body that suits this condition.

After setting up the form,
Form Actions > on Add > Submit.

  1. Set a variable & convert the user-entry at Company name to avoid case sensitive errors
  2. Use the IF Module & Else Module to specify your condition
  3. Use Send Mail Modules within these IF & ELSE .
    1. For demo, I have used the form's email entry.
    2. But you can hard code the email as well
    3. Use appropriate text for special mails & Regular mails

Save and access the application

Hope this answers your query.
Do free free to drop your followup thoughts at the comments section

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