Please wait at the Reception

HomeprneurQuoteReceptionWhat is the first thing that strikes you when you step into an office? (Any office, doesn’t matter if it is MNC or local business)..

“Please wait at the Reception,
Mr. So-and-So will see you shortly”

.. Sounds familiar?

Well, that is what businesses do to put their visitors at ease. It helps us relax a bit before the all important meeting, and makes us better receptive to the person we are about to meet. This puts the business at an advantage.

Now, let us rewind from the businesses’ perspective. You have an appointment with a very grumpy visitor. Instead of going head-on the moment he enters the lobby, try to have your receptionist talk him into settle down at the lounge, possibly offer a drink to soothe his temper. After a couple of minutes, make your entry and take him to the conference room. The grudge might still remain, but he is better receptive to hear your side of the story.

You could be a prospective client, employee, distributor, anyone who is contributing to their business. This relaxed-frame-of-mind of the visitor is extremely important for the business and gives an edge over the discussion that is yet to come.

That is why it is called Reception Area - it makes the person more receptive to what we have to say. Website could do the same for your business.


  • It is a formal introduction to your business
  • Strategically placed content is akin to an efficient receptionist.
  • Plush is good, Pompus is bad …Simple is best…
  • This holds true for a Website’s Design AND Content.

With every business making its way into Google, there is no escaping the question “Do I really need a website”…. It is only a matter of time before you eventually decide to have one. Your Website would then become your Virtual Reception Desk.

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